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How much does water restoration cost?

Factors such as the level of damage, the extent of the area that has been flooded, the type of water involved, and the type of service(s) that has to be provided, among others, can greatly influence the costs of water damage restoration.

What Drives the Price of Water Damage Restoration?

  • Damages: Repairs for a little leak in one room could go into hundreds of dollars. That being said, catastrophic damage, such as extensive flooding, might incur tens of thousands of dollars in necessary repairs and rehabilitation.
  • Area Affected: The cost increases with the size of the water-damaged area. The cost of a minor bathroom flood is much lower than that of a whole house disaster.
  • Water Type: The type of water that caused the damage must be taken into account. Clean water from a supply line leak is less expensive to fix than grey water from washing machines or dishwashers. Blackwater, which includes sewage, is the most expensive to clean due to the health hazards and the need for specialized handling and equipment.
  • Services Needed: Restoring water damage requires a number of procedures, such as drying, dehumidification, mold removal, and repairs. Every extra service that is required will result in an increase in cost.