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How long does water damage restoration take?

Water damage restoration times may differ dramatically based on different elements, such as the nature of the water, working area size, extent of water damage and method of restoration applied. The phases are, at times, made up of different steps, and each step comes with its own time frame.

  • Evaluation and Planning (1-2 days): The restoration crew will decide which locations are affected and assess how severe the water damage has been. They will then adopt a strategy for the restoration which addresses all the issues found. According to the level of complexity of the damage, this stage can be carried out in one to two days.
  • Water Extraction (1-3 days): A key strategy that should be implemented immediately to avoid water saturation is eradicating the standing water. The amount of water present and the extraction tools utilized are what influence how long this process takes. This step could take over 24 to 72 hours.
  • Drying and Dehumidification (2 to 5 days): The drying phase starts after the water is removed. Moisture is extracted from the air and objects like walls, flooring, and furniture using industrial-grade drying equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers. This stage may take two to five days or more, depending on the moisture content and the degree of damage.
  • Sanitizing and Cleansing (1-2 days): Sanitation is another important task that needs to be addressed to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and mold once the area has been completely dried. This stage entails cleansing surfaces, getting rid of unwanted odours, and applying disinfectants to afflicted areas. The length of time varies according to the affected area’s size and degree of contamination.
  • Repairs and Restoration: The last phase is to restore the property and to make it as good as it was before the damage happened. This would involve changing old materials, fixing structural damage, and repairing personal belongings. The length of the cleaning phase will be decided based on the extent of the damage and the quantity of restoration that is needed.

Restoration of water damage to its original state can take several days to several weeks. To avoid more damage and to expedite the process, it is necessary that the restoration operation begin as soon as possible.